VIDEO – Wilted Cabbage with Smoked Bacon and Cider Vinegar

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Terry Lavin from St Helen’s College, on behalf of I’m going to show you how to make ‘wilted cabbage with smoke bacon and cider vinegar.’

You will need a green savoy cabbage, some smoke bacon, salt and pepper, butter, cider vinegar and one fresh onion.

What’s important first is that you remove the outside of the leaves and discard those. The inner leaves we must wash thoroughly, removing any dirt or girt, or any little bugs that might be in it. Then we are going to take each leaf and remove the inner core.

The next stage to this is to take the cabbage and roll it nice and tight, take a knife and keep your fingers tucked in and just let the knife rock, like that, nice and slowly and we are cutting this cabbage into what we call chiffonard.

The second stage is to peel the onion, take the root off, take the top off and just peel it down like that. It is ideal to have sharp knifes, less chance of cutting yourself, and you get a finer finish on the finished dish.

When it comes to slicing the onion, cut the onion in half, remove the root, then slice the onion, as you slice the onion turn it, that way you don’t get long lengths of onion and every piece of onion is even.

Take the smoke bacon and we are going to cut it into lardoons. You can leave the fat on, but in this day of health it may be a good idea just to remove it.

It doesn’t make any odds that the onion is on the board with the raw meat because we are actually going to cook the onion and the meat. Just cut it into pieces with our sharp knife and just cut it into lardons.

Very simple cookery method here, all we are going to do is take a little bit of the butter into the pan, you don’t need too much, we are going to add the smoked bacon and just cook that for a couple of seconds.

Add the onion, and I’m just going to cook that for a couple of seconds, so the onions are translucent and are cooked threw. I’ll now add my cabbage, raw cabbage and just give that a couple of seconds.

Finally add the vinegar, and we are going to let that cook for three or four minutes. As the cabbage is cooking it will start to wilt in the pan, just turn it slightly so you get an even cooked cabbage.

The trick is, is too reduce the vinegar, otherwise it will be watery and bitter. It doesn’t need any salt because the salt comes out with the bacon. Could do with a bit of pepper, so a nice little bit of mill pepper put that in.

That’s ‘wilted cabbage with smoked bacon and cider vinegar.’

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