VIDEO – Creamy Curried Vegetables

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Terry Lavin from St Helens College on behalf of I’m going to show you how to make ‘creamy curried vegetables.’

You are going to need curry powder, butter, nice fresh piece of ginger, piece of garlic, mushrooms, chilli, one onion, two spring onions, half a red pepper and some whipping cream or double cream.

Wash the mushrooms and wash the onions, it is well worth splitting the onions and running them under the cold tap, this way you get all the grit and dirt out of them.

Now start to peel the onion, take the root off and the top off and just take off the outer skin. For the pepper just split it, take out the white core, the seeds and stalk, and that’s the pepper done.

The garlic, a little trick here take your knife and slam it down and the garlic will peel. Chopping knife, take off the root; all you need to do then is roughly chop up your garlic.

You can actually peel the ginger or you can leave it in its skin, as long as it has been washed. Just cut the ginger into strips. You don’t need all of that ginger that’s plenty, and then keeping your fingers tucked in let the knife rock.

Split the chilli in half. If you don’t want it too hot it is well worth remembering to take the seeds out. So just take those little seeds out, half a chilli is plenty, just take it and chop it.

Take the spring onions and just cut them into diamonds, the pepper into pieces about a quarter of an inch square. The onion cut it in half and again into rough dice and finally the mushrooms to give them a little bit of texture I just prefer to cut them into quarters.

Take a little bit of the curry powder, just a tiny spec and just dust it and mix it over. When the butter starts to melt put in all your vegetables and just lightly stir it. To that I’m adding cream, however if you want a healthier dish you can actually use natural yoghurt, but it is advisable when you’re putting in the yoghurt into the pan just to warm it and take the pan off. We can boil cream, this cream won’t split.

When the cream had reduced season to taste, nice bit of salt and mill pepper, mix it. Lovely!

‘Creamy curried vegetables.’

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