VIDEO – Deep Fried Onion Rings and Sweet Chilli Sauce

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Terry Laving from St Helen’s College, on behalf of I’m going to show you how to do ‘deep fried onion rings with a sweet chilli sauce.’

You will need a nice fresh crisp onion, a little bit of self raising flour, some sweet chilli sauce, a little bit of bicarbonate of soda, two eggs and some soda water.

Where going to start off by first making the tempura batter, this is a nice light crisp batter and it’s ideal not only for frying onions, but if you want to fry fish or shell fish in it, it is also ideal for that.

The first job we have to do is to separate the yolks from the white, so taking our egg yolks in one bowl, and keep the whites in another. The second part of the procedure is to whisk the egg white up. So in a figure of eight and using the wrist, we are just going to bring the egg whites until it starts to form a peak.

When the egg white is stiff like that, the next stage is to take the flour, water and bicarbonate, so taking the soda water, put the soda water in, whisk in the flour, add the bicarbonate, and slowly fold in the egg white. Lightly season the batter, and just let is rest in the fridge for about an hour.

Very gently and carefully, just cut the onion into rings, about a quarter of an inch in diameter.

Just lightly dust your onion rings with flour you don’t need very much just a little bit. Dip each onion ring into the batter and place it in the deep fat fryer, halfway threw the cooking process just flick your onion rings over.

Mean while whilst your onion rings are frying, just warm your chilli sauce, when the onion rings are fried like that and are a lovely golden colour, the best thing to do is to drain them on some kitchen paper just to take any excess fat off.

Take your warm chilli sauce off, serve it into a little dish, little cocotte, take your deep fried onion rings and place them on the plate, Lovely and crisp!

There you go ‘Deep fried onion rings with sweet chilli sauce.’

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