VIDEO – Cauliflower with Fast Cheese and Onion Sauce

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Terry Lavin from St Helens College, on behalf of I’m going to show you how to make ‘cauliflower with fast cheese and onion sauce.’

For this delightful, simple dish all you are going to need is a nice fresh cauliflower, a little bit of grated cheese, some butter, one onion, little bit of cream, some pepper and salt. It is important that you get a good white cauliflower just like that one.

First things first take off the leaves by just cutting down and removing. Next stage, take a sharp knife, then you are just going to cut off some florets. A floret is a piece of cauliflower like that. I always find if you cut the floret down smaller, when it actually starts to cook you don’t end up with this over cooked and the stalk raw.

Make sure that the root is removed and the top is removed, your onion should be lovely and firm like that. Take the onion and cut it in half, remove the root. We are going to slice the onion just a little tip as you slice the onion, turn the onion. That way you get nice even slices and no long thin pieces.

What is important now we have got the cauliflower florets cut into pieces is that we get a pan of boiling salted water, and it has got to be boiling vigorously. What we want to do is to cook our cauliflower and we want to cook it ‘al dente’ what that means is that there is a little bit of crispness in the cauliflower, a little bite to it. What we don’t want to do is over cook it, and at the same time what we don’t want to do is have cauliflower what is raw. So that is going to take about 3‐4 minutes to cook out.

To test that a piece of cauliflower is cooked one of the best ways that I find, is to take out a piece and plunge it into cold water take a piece off and try it. That’s lovely, perfect!

All we are going to do now is to take the cauliflower out of the water, and let it drain into a colander.

Take a little bit of butter into the pan and just get it melting. Put in the onions and we let them sweat. To sweat means is to cook without colour and basically they are translucent. It doesn’t take long what you don’t want to do is burn the onions. Keep them on the move.

Into there add your double cream, and we are just going to let that reduce, when the cream had reduced by half add the cheese. What you don’t really want to do is boil the sauce at this stage, as that can split the sauce and make it greasy.

Into there now we add the cauliflower, and mix it in, absolutely beautiful! Season it with a little bit of salt, not too much a little bit of pepper, another mix.

‘Cauliflower with fast cheese and onion sauce.’

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