VIDEO – Roasted Vegetables with Rosemary and Sea Salt

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Terry Lavin from St Helen’s College, and I’m going to show you how to do ‘roasted vegetables with fresh rosemary and sea salt.’

What your going to need is a parsnip, one onion, half a pepper, a carrot, some new potatoes, some fresh rosemary, some sea salt, pepper and a little bit of vegetable oil.

First things first we have got to wash all the vegetables, wash the rosemary, parsnip, the carrot, and the potatoes.

We are going to peel the parsnip, peel the carrots as so, take the potato peeler, and turn it, top and tail it, and the same with the parsnip. Peel the onion taking the root and the top off; we need to trim up the pepper so remove the seeds.

Then all we are going to do is cut the vegetables into even pieces. You don’t want them too big and you don’t want them too thin. Nice even pieces like that, same with the potato, nice big chucks and nice big chunks for the pepper.

Take them all put them into a bowl and just sprinkle a little bit of oil over, and toss them gently, a little bit of salt and pepper and toss them again.

I find that lightly chopping the rosemary, improves the flavour and you are not left with rosemary stalks when the dish is cooked. If you just run your knife over it like that it doesn’t have to be too fine, what you don’t want to use is the woody bit of the rosemary.

Just sprinkle the rosemary over the chopped veg, where just going to put that in the oven let it roast for about 30‐35 minutes at about two hundred degrees centigrade, and when it is soft and just lightly browning it’s cooked.

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