VIDEO – Sugar Glazed Carrots with Caraway Seeds

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Terry Lavin from St Helen’s College, on behalf of I’m going to show you how to make ‘sugar glazed carrots with caraway seeds.’

All you need is some lovely fresh carrots, a few caraway seeds, a little bit of butter, some sugar and a spot of water.

The first job really is to make sure you have washed the carrots, this is important to take any dirt off or residue sprays that may be on there.

The second job we are going to do is to peel the carrots, first take a potato peeler and peel down. The fastest way is too peel half way turn the carrot and peel again.

Top and tail the carrots taking as little as possible off. Then all we are going to do with the carrots is cut them into batons. Cut a piece off, so you get a good flat surface of which to work, cut down and cut down again. It is important that the baton is no bigger then what is on display. When you are using your knife keep your fingers tucked in and use a rocking action with the knife.

Sprinkle a few caraway seeds on, butter in; tiny spot of water doesn’t really need to cover the carrots, and a sprinkle of sugar. All we are going to do now is let the carrots, water and sugar evaporate.

When cooking the carrots it is important that you don’t add salt at this stage, as the salt content will increase with the butter and the water. The second thing is too be careful that the carrots don’t burn.

O.K. our carrots are now finished, they are nice a crisp, cooked but not hard. You can see the glaze. All we are going to do now is to put them in a nice serving dish, you can see the caraway seeds and that glaze and just finish it with a little bit of chopped parsley.

‘Sugar glazed carrots with caraway seeds.’

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